Discussion feedback (need in 3 hours)

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powerpoint is attached. need 1-2 paragraphs feedback. 

Participating in the peer review process serves four purposes:

  • Each student has an opportunity to learn about another corporation.
  • Providing detailed and constructive feedback results in higher grades for all students.
  • Seeing how other students approached the project may provide insight for you to improve your project.
  • At your discretion, you have the opportunity to edit your project before submitting it for a grade.

Discussion Requirements

  • To participate in the SEC 10-K peer review process, post a draft of your PowerPoint file in response to this discussion topic.
  • Ask for and provide detailed and constructive feedback to at least one of your classmates who does not yet have any comments. The goal is to have all students receive comments on their work.
  • You may provide additional comments to other students after your first comment.

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