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In order to understand the healthcare user’s needs for an electronic health record (EHR), I would use a systematic approach. This would mean, identify all the stakeholders involved in the use of the EHR system. This includes healthcare providers, administrative staff, patients, and IT professionals. Next I would observe the current workflows.  In order to understand what the healthcare professionals want/need I would have one-on-one interviews and ask open-ended questions to get their perspective. I would then introduce flow mapping as they did in the study. “flow mapping as a technique to help researchers achieve two key advantages of investigating data provenance: (1) understanding and documenting original intended use of electronic health information, and (2) uncovering new information and new data sources.” (.
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EGEMS (Washington, DC)
2(1), 1058. 
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Ratwani R. (2017). Electronic Health Records and Improved Patient Care: Opportunities for Applied Psychology. 
Current directions in psychological science
26(4), 359–365. https://doi.org/10.1177/0963721417700691

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