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For your initial post I would like to see you take up some of the concepts from Harris and Greene and discuss and respond to them (their texts and ideas). How does Harris also participate in solving some of the problems set up by Young, Gee, Bartholomae and Anzaldua? How do you see his text participating in that conversation? Where does Greene fit here? Can you connect his text to any of the others that we have read so far? Make specific connections between texts. Also, what questions do you have about the texts? What is your general reaction to the texts?

This initial post should be at least 700 words minimum, but it is informal and not an essay. This is a space for you to work toward writing your way to understanding complex texts. Ask and answer questions you may have. Respond to what you found interesting or compelling or troubling. What do YOU THINK about these texts.

For your response, I would like you to respond to a colleague’s post. What do you think about what they had to say in their post and the connections they have made between texts? Now that we have discussed those texts in class, can you answer the questions they asked? What can you add to their discussion? AND I want you to bring Kain and Wardle to the discussion. How do you see their text participating in the conversation of this course so far? How do they help you understand writing processes or any of the ideas from the class in general?

This response should be 350 words minimum.

Building connections between texts is a very important part of academic writing. This shouldn’t be treated as responding to each text individually, instead, treat all three texts as part of a conversation where your job is to make sense of how all the pieces fit together for you.

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