Discussion-community advocacy and enhancing family well-being

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Two paragraphs with at least 75 words per paragraph explaining the following which should include a reference for each paragraph.

1. How would you describe advocacy? What are some advocacy guidelines you should follow in your future professional practice? Provide multiple pros and cons regarding the responsibility of advocating for students or families.

2. Share some solutions you have observed or used to meet the needs of students and strengthen the learning environment.

3. Many families are open to setting healthy family goals, but struggle to improve family well-being due to everyday stress and distractions. The demands of work, school activities, social media, or caring for a loved one can sometimes put family wellness at the bottom of the list of priorities. Provide 2-3 examples of how families can focus on family well-being.

4. Based on your research about your school and community, identify a safety issue of concern. How would you address the issue? What stakeholders (faculty, administration, community, families) need to be involved to create and implement safety measures to address the issue?

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