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Sue Ryan, a Camp Bow Wow franchisee from Colorado, knows the ins and outs of managing a pet care center. To help launch her business a few years ago, Ryan recruited experienced pet care worker Candace Stathis, who came on as a camp counselor. Ryan soon recognized that Stathis was a star performer with a natural ability to work with clients and pets alike, and today Stathis serves as the camp’s general manager. At Camp Bow Wow, store managers have distinct roles from camp counselors. Counselors typically take care of dogs, answer phones, and book reservations, whereas managers must know how to run all operations and manage people. Stathis maintains a strict daily schedule for doggie baths, nail trimmings, feedings, and playtime to keep camp running as efficiently as possible.

View the Video by selecting it in the week one module. Once you watched the video: (I will upload a transcript to the video)

1. Given the 3 skills that Williams outlines that are most needed by managers, which do you think the managers at Camp Bow Wow need most? Why? 

2. Compare and contrast the functions at Camp Bow Wow that are high efficiency and high effectiveness. Is one more important than the other? Explain. 

3. Using the managerial roles identified in your reading, describe at least two used by Camp Bow Wow managers and explain your choice.

This initial discussion board assignment (the guidelines outlined above) must be 250 words or more and is due by Thursday @ 11:59 pm. Then, respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s posts by Sunday @ 11:59 pm.   Please use APA in-text citations and reference listings in your post.

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