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Since the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928, we have been fighting off bacterial infections with chemicals that kill bacteria by inhibiting their cell structure or metabolism. Bacteria are experts at adapting to their environment and it is no surprise that some superbugs have developed resistance to all known antibiotics. This has forced scientists to find newer strategies to thwart bacterial invasion. One strategy being considered is based on turning bacteria against other bacteria. Microbial predation and cannibalism are areas of intense research.

For this discussion assignment, you are encouraged to review scientific literature and share your insights on what you have learned about “How bacteria compete with other bacteria in order to survive.”

  1. should be 400- 600 words.
  2. In your answer, discuss at least 3 different methods used by 3 different bacteria (include the full scientific name of bacteria).
  3. List your references.

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