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This week read the following:


Hartman, M., Martin, A.B., Washington, B., & Catlin, A. (2022). National Healthcare Spending in 2020: Growth Driven by Federal spending in Response to the COVID_19 Pandemic


Hartman, M., Martin, A.B., Benson, J., & Catlin, A. (2019). National Healthcare Spending in 2018: Growth Driven by Accelerations in Medical and Private Insurance Spending, Health Affairs 


National Health Expenditure Fact Sheet


How Being Sick Changed My Healthcare Views

Please answer 
two of the following Discussion Questions in one posting.  Discussion postings must include:

1. Two citations from the assigned readings.

2. A citation from a news article. 

Begin your posting by restating the question (E.g. , “The purpose of this posting is to……). Integrate the essay into a parsimonious body of work (stay away from bullets, lists and outline formats).  Please make sure that you incorporate facts from the readings in your postings.   
Reference the literature first then add your opinion and thoughts. Please make sure that your posting is grounded in facts, and 
supported by citations.  Please make sure that the news article is from a legitimate news channel. Critical thinking is a valued skill in all professions. It is easy to fall back on long held opinions instead of applying, analyzing and synthesizing information from various sources. Composing discussion postings provides you with an opportunity to understand, integrate and apply the information acquired in class(es). Please refer to the syllabus for further instructions on quality postings.

1. Respond to one of the following questions:

a. What is the real and perceived performance of the US healthcare system? Are the views different among patients, providers, payers, and policy makers? Why? Or Why not?

b. Why does the US spend so much money on healthcare?

2. Respond to one of the following questions:

a. What is the role of politics in Medicare and Medicaid?

b. If the government is not paying to support healthcare, what is it paying for?        

please limit the body of postings (not including question and references) to 500 words. Students need to make sure that their postings are deemed “quality” postings (see rubric below).

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