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How does high-fidelity prototyping differ from evolutionary  prototyping? What weaknesses are introduced to a product’s success as a  result of integrating a set of high-fidelity prototypes to make a final  product?

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Hello Class,

High-Fidelity Prototyping

Generally computer-based and allows realistic  interactions.  This prototype is as close to the final product as the  team can create and is much more effective at collecting true  performance data from human or user input.  This prototype is also  generally used as the demonstration version to clients or internal  stakeholders. (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, n.d.)

Evolutionary Prototyping

This approach initially breaks the system into  independent modules with their functionality.  In an iterative process,  testers demonstrate each component to a test group until a final version  is decided based on user feedback.  Like the biological process of  evolution, this prototyping approach moves through a series of  refinements until the best version has evolved. (Evolutionary Prototype  Definition., n.d.)

Weakness of the High-Fidelity Approach

The greatest challenge to the high-fidelity approach for  most teams is the cost and time associated with the process.  Due to  the complete model approach for testing, the building process is long,  and any changes require extensive retooling time.  The second biggest  weakness that this approach is associated with is the system as a whole  is susceptible to a single issue.  Since the system is delivered in an  almost final form, making changes to one piece can have very adverse  effects on another including complete system failure.  Often, the  designers and programmers of the system have difficulty accepting change  suggestions as they have already created something that, in their mind,  is very close to complete.  Lastly, from a test point of view, the  system’s aesthetics often supersede the functionality considerations,  and functionality is lessened. (Khatri, 2021)  


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