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Discussion 2 due Sept 1 @ 8pm

Post your problem statement. Be sure that it is one complete sentence that describes the situation at present but does not contain a solution.

Discussion 3 due Sept 8 @ 8pm

Evidence of the problem must be concrete and quantifiable (that is, measurable), or if you are conducting a qualitative study, what is the focus of the phenomena you plan to investigate? Explain how you are collecting your data. Are you using records or information already in existence? Are you yourself developing an instrument such as a survey or questionnaire? For a qualitative study, whom do you plan to interview and what do you want to learn from them.

Discussion 4 due Sept 14 @ 8pm

Do you have the suggested six to eight or more bulleted items in your list in the “Problem Documentation” section? Do these items cover adequately the nature and extent of the problem? Do your items have quantifiable or qualitative data, that is, numbers (for a population of fewer than 100) or percentages (for a population of 100 or more) – quantitative or what you expect to observe and your interview focus – qualitative (8-15 participants).

Discussion 5 due Sept 21 @ 8pm

Explain what you believe are the causes of your problem and the expected outcomes of your proposed investigation.

Discussion 6 due Sept 28 @ 8pm

Share the resources (journals and other print sources, Web sites, people, others) that are proving most helpful to you as you do your literature review. What potential solutions have you discovered? what are areas that the authors of research studies have suggested for future investigations.

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