Discussion 1,2,3,4 | Human Resource Management homework help

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Kim attached is the chapter readings please read before doing four discussions. each discussion shows different chapters where information comes from. look below also each discussion must be 300 words each with 2 references including the book I attached for findings. 

book name attached 

Bolman, L.G. and Deal, T.E. (2017) Reframing Organizations, (6th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.  

Read chapter 1-2

1. Discussion Topic:  What do the authors mean by reframing organizations and why is it important?

Introduction to Human services leadership 

Bolman & Deal Chapter 1-2

2. Discussion Topic: Are leaders Born or Made?  List the top ten traits of an effective leader.

The Role of the Leader in the Structural Frame

Bolman & Deal Chapters 3-5 

3.Discussion Topic: How do leadership and management differ?

The Human Resource frame 

Bolman & Deal chapters 6, 17 

4.Discussion Topic: How do you motivate employees? 

Management of Human Resources interpersonal & group dynamics  

Bolman & Deal chapters 7-8

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