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For the discussion board, I wanted to clarify that for question 1 you need describe three different groups (a supplier, a global business, and a consumer). I would suggest a table with 4 columns (characteristic, supplier/distributor, global business (i.e. Walmart), and the consumer). Not all the characteristics may apply to all the customer types.

You will use the example of Dell in Module 3, Unit 1, slide 8 as a springboard. Using any of the concepts from Modules 1-3 and the Trailhead modules studies so far, answer each question below:

Question 1. Develop an ideal customer profilefor three Dell customer groups (a supplier, a global business, and a consumer). Use the information on this slide as a starting point.

Question 2. For the global business customer profile, propose effective touch points for each of the 3 stages of the customer’s decision-making process: awareness, consideration and decision. You can use Module 3 to guide you. 

The goal is to propose the touch points (interactions) that would generate the greatest value to the customer and to Dell. Keep in mind that each of these interactions costs Dell money so you want to get the biggest return on your investment. Be sure to support your rationale.

Question 3. What did you learn from Module 1-3 that you had not heard of before? What questions do you have about the information in these modules?

 The posting must be insightful and tied back to the course material for that week. To get the maximum grade you need to post an original entry and comment on three (3) other students’ posts prior to the deadline.

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