Digital health safety and effacious discussion assignment

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I am working this discussion post but I need other perspective to supplement my thoughts. 

This is a discussion assignment:

The Question: Are digital Technologies tools safe and Effacious?

Use the following articles to

For this discussion board select two of the articles/readings from this module from The Good, Bad, and Potentially Harmful.  Critically analyze each article as outlined below and provide expanded commentary on the following elements:

1. Study Design/Flaws

2. Applicability to Your Field of Study/Practice

3. Would deploy a similar type of technology in your field or practice or how have the findings informed your selection? 

4. Review the page on safety is also attached.

Do you have confidence in the safety of these types of services (digital health tools writ large)? 

All the articles are attached to use for the discussion. This is a graduate level assignment.

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