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Food politics and social justice issues around the topic of food are more visible today than they have ever been. Food, diet, health, community planning, political values, social identity, are wound up in complex ways even around seemingly simple issues. For example, in Chicago the issue of “food deserts” or unequal food access and availability has spurred many NGOs as well as City government to consider new ways to reduce inequalities. This can be observed in things like urban gardens, food pantries, city ordinances, and local political debates. For this reading reflection, please select ONE local issue involving food and consider this topic from several of the learning objectives from chapter 8 and 9.

I DON’T want your opinion or position on the issue. Its not relevant to this assignment. I want to you think about the issue using the conceptual tools you have learned in the text. Think like an anthropologist to interpret and explain socio-cultural phenomena.

Select ONE specific local food issue. There are many possibilities, please use your text to help you identify one. Do a bit of research on your issue.

POST an image that captures the aspect of the topic you want to address in your post. This image or video should be relevant to your specific local food issue.

You will select ONE of the learning objectives from chapter 8 OR 9 to provide an interpretation of the food issue.

NOTE: Should be 200 Words MAX

Book that need to be used is Eating Culture An Anthropological Guide To Food BY Gillian Crowther

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