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Question: Phillotson says that Sue and Jude `seem to be one person split in two.What does he mean by this? Phillotson’s statement that Sue and Jude seems to be one person split in two was because of the cousins’ life. Their huge similarity with each other especially when it comes to their goals was more like of just one person’s goal. Their single identity and the same belief drove them into being with each other thus they are more associated with their characters and identity.

From the first part of the story, we must understand and realize at the same time that Jude was a little kid and his cousin Sue was of the same age also or younger of a few years. His dream of going into college however was his ultimate goal in life which was suddenly trapped when Arabella, his girlfriend said that she was pregnant. Believing that he must do the right thing despite of Arabella being a not ideal wife, he married her.

Afterwards, he asked her regarding the pregnancy and she said that she mistakenly figured out her situation which made Jude more miserable. Losing his chance of going into the university, he even thought of killing himself and upon waking up one morning, he found out a note from his wife who was out of his sight saying that she will go to Australia with her parents. Jude became happy and when to the place he wanted to go and there he tried to find a job and upon finding a job, he tried to find Sue.

When he saw her, he decided and told to himself that he must not fall in love with her because they were cousins but as time goes by, he learned to thus when she decided to leave, he asked her why and arranged her to be a student teacher assisting Phillotson. Later on in the story, Sue and Phillotson got married and Jude was saddened by this fact but maybe they are somehow destined to be with each other. The husband of Sue allowed her to leave thus she moved in Jude’s house and the two lived together as their divorce were all good with their respective partners.

Jude later on found out from Arabella that they have a son thus she gave it to him and along with Sue and Jude’s two children, they lived together but it was getting hard for them to sustain their life and without an apartment of their own, Jude decided to find lodging house. They soon found one but Jude must leave separately with his family. One night Sue together with Arabella and Jude’s son went out to find an apartment and was saddened by the fact that there was none and the boy was pissed off when he found out that Sue is pregnant again.

The morning came and Sue went to Jude and on when they went back home, they found the children hanging in the closet. Although they tried to revive them, it was impossible. In the end, the two decided to go back to their respective partners and thinking that they were cursed, they separated ways. Jude died in the end.

In the circumstances which happened in the account of the lives of both Sue and Jude, we have to understand that they were really the same except that Sue was a girl and Jude was a boy. Despite of their differences, what happened in their life brings them so much closer to each other despite of the fact that they once lived together. The tragedy they experienced only shows that they were indeed person of neither bad nor good fate thus we have to take it into account that probably the circumstances and the instances they both have in common were just coincidences but it is also in high regard that these circumstances happened when they were still together.

As a child, these cousins were both fond of studying and as they grow up, both tried their best to enter in a university. Both of them were not happy with their marriage thus they somehow committed adultery but they did not stop simply from being the same in those terms. A month after the divorce of Arabella and Jude was granted, Phillotson and Sue’s divorce followed. At the end of the story, both were taken back by their divorced half thus they were reunited and got married again.

Upon knowing the summary, one can determine that even in the start, the two have qualities which are highly similar with one another. Although their attitude was not compared nor contrasted, their goals and their life experiences seem to be the same. Their fate which brought them together perhaps was a big reason why Phillotson was able to say those words.

It is undeniable that they were of the same fate that even in the end of the story, both of them suffered the same way thus they thought they were being punished because of their relationship. Their life experiences which brought them together was the same thing which make people understand that they were indeed a single person split into one by circumstances and experiences.

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