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Some of your responses may require additional academic support beyond the textbook, scholarly sources are books, peer reviewed journals, and scholarly websites:

.gov, .edu., .org., examples- (National Institute of Mental Health, APA. Org., WebMD,


1.In adolescence please describe adolescence body image and different types of eating disorders also explain some treatment modalities that can be used.

Describe Elkind’s characteristics of adolescent thinking please name, explain, and give examples for each type of thinking.

2.Please Explain Adolescents and Juvenile Delinquency, explain some influences, and explain some preventive measures that can be taken to help reduce juvenile deviant behavior. (provide academic  support-reference)

explain the different types of peer status mentioned in the textbook in middle and late childhood

3.Please explain some of the causes/risk factors of early adolescence sexual identity and sexual behavior. Name one health issue found in adolescence.

4  Name some of the Causes of Death in Adolescence and explain some health issues in adolescence,why is smoking, drinking, and lack of sleep such an issue today with adolescence explain your reason(provide outside academic support)

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