Develop a critical incident plan

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Goal: Develop a Critical Incident Plan Pan 

Critical Incident: I Had Them Right Where I Wanted Them . . . I Thought Stan was excited. It was his chance to show his CEO that he could be counted on for the important jobs. Stan was going to meet with an executive team that had flown in from Tokyo, Japan.

This executive team represented a large computer company that could place enough orders to make up a quarter of Stan’s company’s current sales of microchips. Stan was supposed to close the deal to secure a commitment from this company. When Stan entered the room where the Japanese executives waited, he didn’t waste any time heading for his computer to start what he thought was his finest PowerPoint presentation ever. Before he began to speak, each executive handed Stan a business card held in both hands with a slight bow.

Stan took out three of his own cards and handed them to one of the executives while keeping one hand on his computer. During the presentation, Stan was getting a good vibe from the executives as they continuously nodded their heads in agreement with what Stan was presenting about the quality and state of the art of the technology his company could offer them. At the end of the presentation the executives asked Stan if he would like to join them for drinks, but Stan, who didn’t have a high level of tolerance for alcohol, declined their offer. They bowed as Stan left, and he felt like he had just earned the respect of three international businessmen.

Stan strutted through the office for the rest of the day, confident that he had just secured one of his company’s largest orders. Later that day his boss called him in and asked him to sit down. Stan waited with anticipation and a slight curiosity as he noticed the vein on his boss’s head throbbing. Stan’s boss cleared his throat and surprised Stan with the next words that came out of his mouth. “Stan, I don’t know what happened during your meeting with the Tokyo executive team, but all deals are off. They are flying back to Japan tonight and said that they would look for another supplier.”


1. Did Stan do anything wrong before his presentation?

2. Did Stan make inappropriate assumptions about the nonverbal behavior of the Japanese executives?

3. Is there anything that Stan or his company can do to rectify the situation?

You are to review the critical incident questions based on the assignment scenario and write a 2-4 page double-space summary answer to the questions in APA format. Please make sure you have a MSOL title page (see thesis handbook) and the assignment is properly formatted.:

Leadership Applications: Explain how the ideas, concepts, principles, methods, techniques, etc., discussed in the article better help leaders to lead change effectively and successfully.

Paper Construction: Cover Page, APA Formatting, Report Length & Reference Page

This paper should be well-formatted with the above three clear headings and subheadings and should be in APA format, Times New Roman 12, and should be a minimum of 3 pages double-spaced, excluding cover or title and reference pages. This completed paper must be submitted under the appropriate assignment tab in MS Word format.

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