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Your supervisor has asked you to draft documents that the stakeholders can review prior to your presentation. You decide to clarify the purpose of the embedded assessment for proposed program improvements.

Draft a 525- to 700-word memo to the stakeholders in which you describe the need, intent, goals, and objectives of the evaluation plan you wish to be implemented. 

Provide your statement of purpose. Include your vision, mission, and goals. Answer the following questions: 

  • -What key questions need to be addressed? 
  • -What evidence of accomplishment do you seek? 
  • -Who are the stakeholders? 

Provide 1 or 2 examples of the evaluation methods (described in Chapter 8 of the textbook- SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT BELOW) that you would like to see incorporated. 

  • -What is your rationale for selecting these? 
  • -What are the financial and human resources required to strengthen the design of the evaluation? 
  • -From which stakeholders can you acquire the most impactful guidance? 

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