Deliverable 1 – building the team

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Break down the business analytics service and elaborate on the roles necessary for enterprise-level support.


For the past few months, you  have been working for a tourism board at a top destination within the United  States. Among other tasks, they also act as a third-party reseller of attraction tickets in one of the world’s top vacation destinations. The organization  has an e-commerce presence where tickets are sold online, as well as at a physical store location where people can go to purchase tickets in person.

Your organization has presented you with their desire for additional information about how well each  of their products is selling. The market research team within the organization understands their city and destination well, but does not understand how to gather insights around the sale of tickets, or how to turn this into meaningful business insight.

The questions they are presenting you with include: 

  • How might we utilize our current staff count to gather and report on these types of activities?
  • What roles and duties may be necessary to achieve this?

The task:

Record a presentation using the screen sharing Webware/software of your choice (an Internet search will  reveal many free options). Your presentation can be recorded with your own voiceover and visuals, just as you would if you were giving the presentation live.

In addition to your presentation, your manager has asked you to provide a one-page executive summary identifying at least three roles that could be added to the market research team to provide the insight they are requesting. Explain how these roles will help the organization achieve a better understanding of their data. Additionally, he is asking you to prepare a short PowerPoint presentation which will be used to present this information to senior leadership which they will use to determine if the roles already in place can be adjusted and expanded, or if they need to create new roles for their current team members and possibly hire  additional help

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