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  1. Using a Web search engine, find an article from a reputable source, published within the past six months, that reports on the risk coming from inside the organization compared to the risk coming from outside the organization. If the article notes that this relative risk is changing, how is it changing and to what is the change attributed?


  1. Search your institution’s published documents (or another organization’s), including its Web pages. Locate its values, vision, and/or mission statement, as well as strategic goals. Identify any references to InfoSec. Also look for any planning documents related to InfoSec.


Using a web search engine, visit one of the popular disaster recovery/business continuity sites, such as ,,,, or Search for the terms hot site, warm site, and cold site. Do the provided descriptions match those of this chapter? Why or why not——- Just define what each term is and say that it does.

#4 Using the format provided in the text, design an incident response plan for your home computer. Include actions to be taken if each of the following events occur

-virus attack

-power failure


-burst water pipe

-ISP failure

What other scenarios do you think are important to plan for?

#5 Look for information on incident response on Saint Leo University’s web site. Does your school have a published plan? Identify the areas in an academic institution’s contingency planning that might differ from those of a for-profit 

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