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I want you to do the lab itself as shown in the PowerPoint then write very detailed report about every section as much as you can, because the professor wants every single thing you’ve done to complete the lab is mentioned in the lab report. And about the way of writing the report is mentioned in the word document I’ve attached and also here is more explanation from the professor about the lab “This is your assignment for this lab. Write your lab report and include your findings. You might have to go above and beyond in order to get the correct solution, but work hard, and stay focused. Remember, your opinion is not what is important in the lab report. The most important part is that your findings speak for themselves. Your job is to present the evidence and tell a story of what happened, how it happened, and who did what if possible”. In addition, you need download the program the professor mentioned which is Autopsy then, you need to go to this site:

and download these two files fot the case:

after that you need to do the things that are required from the powerpoint and from the professor comments if there any more. After that you need to write a very detailed report that have the same way mentioned in the word document. Also I attached my first lab so that can help you more to understand the way the report should be done
See attachment


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