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Putting money aside, rank the following methods of customer feedback 1 – 8 (one being the best# that you feel you would gain the most value from as a small, independent restaurant.

#The methods you choose and how you use them depend on what type of feedback that you want from customers)

1) Employees
Ranking #: ________

Your employees are usually the people who interact the most with your customers. Ask them about the level of customer service that customers are asking for. Ask employees about what the customers complain about.

2) Comment Cards
Ranking #: ________

Providing brief, half-page comment cards on which they can answer basic questions such as: Were you satisfied with our customer service? How could we provide the perfect customer service for you today in order to meet your expectations? What could we have done differently in order to exceed your service expectations?

3) Competition
Ranking #: ________

What is your competition doing in the way of customer service? Ask people who patronize them. Start coaching those around you to notice what’s going on with your competition.

4) Customers
Ranking #: ________

One of the best ways to find out what customers want is to ask them. Talk to them when they visit your facility or you visit theirs.

5) Documentation and Records
Ranking #: ________

Notice the body language of the customers your staff is servicing. Write down actual things you notice: date, time, service agent, etc. It should be so that you don’t forget, particularly during quality service training sessions…it can be a powerful tool to get a message across.

6) Focus Groups
Ranking #: ________

Focus groups are usually 8-10 people that you gather to get their impressions on the level of quality service you provide.

7) Surveys by Mail
Ranking #: ________

You might hate answering these things, but plenty of people don’t — and will fill out your surveys especially if they get something in return. Promise them a discount if they return the completed form to your facility.

8) Telephone Surveys
Ranking #: ________

Hire summer students or part-time people for a few days every six months to do telephone surveys in your local area.

Now, based on your rankings above, briefly describe what method you chose as number 1, and which one you chose as number 8. Why did you rank them the way you did….be specific.

Answer each rating rationale in “mini-essay” form, that is, with an introduction, supporting body with references where appropriate and a conclusion for each question.

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