Current events related to macroeconomics + economic short response

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1. Current Events Related To Macroeconomics

150 words – summarize the article

150 words – summary to Macroeconomics. (use pdf to reference macroeconomic theory and concept related to article 

Format : times new roman, 12 point pitch doble space

Emphasized spelling, grammar, punctuation

Do not copy the article. Follow grading rubric

Citation format: APA7 (article link)   

2. Economic short response: Market Structure – Profit Maximization 

    (a) Explain in your own words how the law of diminishing returns will at some point yield lower per-unit returns.  Additionally, explain its impact to profit maximization in a firm. (150 words)

    (b) Give three real world examples of implicit costs associated with economic profit that are not included in this weeks materials. 

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