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Five hundred consumers were surveyed about a new brand of snack food, Crunchicles. Their age groups and preferences are given in the table.18–24 25–34 35–55 55 and over Total

Liked Crunchicles 39 66 10 86 201

Disliked Crunchicles 27 19 38 95 179

No Preference 24 37 35 24 120

Total 90 122 83 205 500One consumer from the survey is selected at random. Use reduced fractions for your responses to each of the following questions.What is the probability that the consumer is 18–24 years of age, given that they dislike Crunchicles?

What is the probability that the selected consumer dislikes Crunchicles?

What is the probability that the selected consumer is 35–55 years old or likes Crunchicles?

If the selected consumer is 70 years old, what is the probability that they like Crunchicles?

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