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I have given you 8 options to choose from, and you only need to pick 1 to write about . Make sure you address all the questions asked in the option you select in order to receive full points. Your paper should be at least 3 pages long, and no longer than 6. You must follow the formatting guidelines listed below.

I am choosing option 3. Answer all of the questions for option 3 in a well written paper. 


Option 3: Probation Effectiveness

Recidivism is one current measure of probation effectiveness. Others include the amount of restitution collected, the number of offenders employed, the amounts of fines and fees collected, the number of community service performed, the number of treatment sessions completed, the percentage of financial obligations collected, the rate of school enrollment, the level of educational attainment, the number of days employed, and the number of days drug free. 

1.) How important to you, as a taxpayer, is recidivism as a measure of program success?

2.) Do you believe probation officers can really keep offenders from committing new crimes or violating the conditions of their probation?

3.) If you were a probation officer today, by which outcome measure would you want to judge those you supervise? Why?

4.) If recidivism is used as a measure of probation’s effectiveness, how should it be defined? (e.g., when an offender commits a new crime? When an offender commits a technical violation? When an offender is arrested for a new offense? When offender is convicted of a new offense?)

I also attached the word document so you can see ALL the guidelines 

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