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You are still employed by Me Jean-Claude Van Damme, of the law firm Legault Arruda & Associates, general partnership.

In Francis Brien’s file (phase 5), Me Van Damme asks you to revise a pleading, which is a notice of communication of the report of an expert witness.

Work to be completed:

 Using the skills learned in Word Processing, Civil Procedure 1 and Legal Drafting, first identify errors and missing elements in the pleading. Then, please make the appropriate changes to the document.

Additional instructions:

 You will need to make the changes in the Word file that will be sent to you by activating the Track Changes mode on the Review tab.

** *

Me Van Damme indicates that he would like to negotiate an agreement in order to put an end to the dispute between the parties, with the help of a judge. Me Van Damme mentions that the lawyer of the opposing party is open to negotiate.

Work to be completed:

 Using the skills acquired in Civil Procedure 1 and Legal Drafting, please first determine the pleading to be drafted in order to begin the process referred to by Me Van Damme.

 Using the skills learned in Civil Procedure 1 and Legal Drafting, please find and complete the model pleading.

Additional instructions:

 The pleading must be dated April 15, 2019;

 Pay particular attention to the quality of the written expression and the presentation of the

document (e.g. font, font size, margins, alignment, etc.).

Deadline for submission : _____9h00__November 9, 2020______________________________

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