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Attached Files:


 Incident Report_DCI-600F.pdf
Incident Report_DCI-600F.pdf – Alternative Formats (263.863 KB) 


With the increase use of video and digital cameras to process a crime scene, one might think that preparation of the sketch is no longer needed.  However, this is further from the truth.  Several methods (Coordinate method; Triangulation method; and Cross-projection method) have been developed to best conduct a detailed sketch of the crime scene.  For this Lab, watch the video about “the man goes nuts…” and then provide the seven essential details to create a rough crime scene sketch for this video, to include other requirements (read “The Assignment”:).  Also, watch the second video to understand the process for creating a rough sketch.

THINK outside the box and have fun!

The Assignment:

1. Based on your initial review of the video title “man goes nuts…” complete an incident/investigative report (you are the initial officer on scene for this portion of this assignment, and the case number/OCA is 2020-0001), then 
construct a mock crime scene sketch with three pieces of mock evidence (In other words, you will be creating your own fake crime scene based on the crime that was reported in the video title “man goes nuts…”)
 You can choose whatever items of evidence you wish to help you further with your investigation.  Evidence commonly associated with homicides include shoe print, fingerprints, something the suspects left behind like a cigarette butt, etc.

For this lab assignment, review the video below to further understand the steps in creating a rough crime scene sketch.  Then answer the topic areas:

2. Address of the incident:  123 Hall Road, Fayetteville, NC 28314.


Incident Report_DCI-600F.pdf

Incident Report_DCI-600F.pdf – Alternative Formats
    (Opens in new window)

Note:  a). Save the incident report to your computer.   b). Open it in the edit mode before entering any information.  c). After you have completed entering all information, then save it again in you computer.  d).  After you complete all other requirements, then you can also submit your completed incident report.


2. Explain the seven essential elements when creating the rough crime scene sketch?

3. Why is a crime scene sketch important, especially when investigators can take photographs and videos of the scene?

4. Provide your analysis (summary) of the video (“man goes nuts…”) and incorporate items 2 and 3 in your analysis (summary).

Grading Criteria:

See Rubric (click on My Grades tab)

A thoughtful Lab Assignment includes:

a. Introduction

b. Body


APA Formatting Requirements:

· The Running head (The words Running head: need to be inside the first header of the title page).

· The title page include the following byline:  Assignment title; your name; school name; course number; and date (all bylines need to be in the middle of the title page).

· Use one-inch margins.

· Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.

· Use double line spacing in the document.

In additional to the rough crime scene sketch and the incident/investigative report (you are the initial officer on scene for this portion of this assignment), the student will generate a lab/document using Microsoft Word containing your thoughts, reflections, and analysis of the above listed topics (above) in 500-700 words in current APA format that focus on the topic areas (above) regarding the video involving title “man goes nots…” The lab must include at least 1 reference in addition to course materials


APA resources are located in the ” Optional Sources” tab located in the navigational area, this includes APA abstract (Power points, PDF files, etc.), APA formatted Sample Research Paper.



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