Create an annotated bibliography from the assigned essays in essays

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Create an annotated bibliography from the assigned essays in Essays from Contemporary Culture. Your bibliography must adhere to MLAstandards. 

The essays for this assignment are:

  • On Being a Cripple – Nancy Mairs p. 161
  • What’s in a Name? – Lini S. Kadaba p. 174
  • Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space – Brent Staples p. 184
  • Over 40 and Unmarried – Ron Beathard p. 252
  • Sex, Lies and Conversation – Deborah Tannen p. 231
  • What’s the Difference Between Boys and Girls – Deborah Blum p. 236
  • Men and Women in Search of Common Ground – Wendell Berry p. 244

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