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Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

Dear all-

important reminders on the project and presentation as you hopefully wrap up your writing process:

  1. Please make sure your project write up contains all the sections required under grading rubric. If you miss a discussion of a particular aspect of the rubric, it will automatically reduce your grade. These are all required sections in the rubric available : 
  2.  Please make sure your analysis is thoughtful and is free of unnecessary generalities. Do not provide excessive background information on company history, etc (this could be a paragraph). In Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analyses, please focus on the important things; do not just repeat generalities. My strong suggestion is to create tables for Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT and put them into Appendix. In the narrative, only discuss the important aspects of Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT unique to your company. Also, it is very important that the forecasted financial statements provide a clear discussion of assumptions and how these assumptions connect to business analysis, accounting and financial analyses discussed before. 
  3. Please make sure the paper has no grammar errors, and is nicely formatted.
  4. The presentations should contain a slide discussing your forecasted performance with brief explanation of your key assumptions.

The slides should contain some discussion of recent news from your news analysis and analysis of conference calls. Add this, and remove an extra slide on the background I do not see anything in the slides on forecasts of future performance. This is very important. The paper is far from complete. It has some of the required sections, but not all of them. In particular, I do not see a discussion of news analysis, forecasting assumptions, connection of those assumptions to accounting, business and financial analysis, and the actual forecasted financial statements.

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