Country research pt. 3 – agriculture and water

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  Agricultural/Water practices of your chosen country. Discuss the following:  


  • Global trade position. What is it, indicate the country’s position, and what does this mean for the country?
  • Indicate the native crops of the country that are typically grown. Are any of the crops a food staple for the citizens of the country? If so, indicate the importance of that crop with respect to the country’s citizens. 
  • Indicate the cash crops and how much money they bring in yearly. Are the cash crops native, or imported?
  • What percent of the population works in the agriculture industry?
  • What GMO crops are used. 
  • Are the GMO crops being used working to feed the people without causing environmental issues?
  • What animal agriculture is being used? This can include cattle, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, or any farmed animal.  Indicate the amount of water necessary to produce a lb. or kg of meat for TWO of the main products. 
  • Do they practice fish farming? If so, indicate the species and the health of their farming system.  What are the benefits and negatives of fish farming?
  • What percent of water is used by the agriculture industry in your county? Does this surprise you?
  • Discuss the Water Exploitation Index (WEI) and the Water Stress Index (WSI) for your country. What do these values mean for the inhabitants of your country?
  • Where is most of the water for agriculture coming from? Where is drinking water coming from?
  • Discuss a typical waterborne illness in your country.
  • How many people are affected yearly, and give treatment.

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