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Before we begin talking about Mergers & Acquisitions, please respond to the following;

1. What 2 companies do you believe would be a good match for a merger or an acquisition? Why?

2. What 2 companies do you believe would not be a good match for a merger or an acquisition?  Why? 

Corporate Finance

Discussion Instructions:

Discussion posts should be answered with Fundamental Financial merits along with your experiences and opinions.  Please share your experiences and opinions-we will all benefit if you do!  Thank you.  

The primary thread must have a minimum of 200 words. Your Secondary posts must have a minimum of 100 words.

Please put your name into the subject line. 

Provide References.

Please post your initial response on or before Thursday at 23:59 EST. Provide comments on 1 of your classmates’ posts on or before Sunday at 23:59 EST.

Management Theory

You are in charge of a small housing company with 10 employes, you meet all staff every week with key managers reporting for the week and plans for the following week. Your board of directors has decided to explore a merger with a larger company with 200 employees. They have promissed to keep all your staff and you will become the Vice President.  The process is now in its 10th month and your board has agreed to the merger but will no longer keep all 10 staff and you are no longer  going to come on as VP but rather will be given a 4 month pay.  By now two staff have left for other jobs. 

1) How do you manage the communication to your staff who have been expecting not to loose their jobs?

2) What is your role as a leader managing this process knowing you will not be at the new company and you are not allowed to tell the staff?

The discussion board is a significant component of your grade.  The discussion board is used to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts learned in the text and to reflect on and discuss the material with your classmates.  Please make sure you tie the concepts learned each week and throughout the course to support your discussion board posts. The weekly recaps, found on the announcement tab, will be posted at the end of each week.  Within the recaps, you will find examples of strong discussion board posts where students did an excellent job answering the questions and supporting their views.  Please use these examples to gauge how your posts can be improved each week.  

To be clear, your primary post analysis must be thoughtful, well-reasoned and detailed.

Please provide your primary post by 11:59 PM on Thursday April 7th.


Write as though you are in a business setting.  Be mindful of your choice of language, grammar, and content.  When citing data, research, or original ideas, you must cite the source (using the APA method).  Please remember that plagiarism is defined as the theft or “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.”  ( 

Please check the “Announcements” tab each week to review my comments related to the discussion board posts and replies. 

Please follow the instructions for the discussion board as outlined in the syllabus.


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