Computer science week 8 assignment home office renovation – project

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In the assignment due in Week 5, you defined key portions of your Home Office Renovation project. Now, it is time to develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) and project schedule for your project.

Note: Please use your project from the Week 5 assignment to complete this assignment.

For this assignment, you will create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). To create your WBS, you may use MS Word, MS Excel, Visio, or any other visual format that allows for graphical elements to be included. (See Figure 4.4 from Chapter 4 of your Project Management: The Managerial Process textbook). Alternatively, you may use a coded format using MS Word. (See Exhibit 4.1 – Coding the WBS from Chapter 4 of your Project Management: The Managerial Process textbook as an example. The example is in MS Project format, but the same could be done in MS Excel).


Each of the following should be included in your WBS submission:

  1. Create a WBS which contains graphical elements of the project scope including the project, major deliverables, and supporting deliverables. WBS should be easy to read and contain consistent formatting throughout.
  2. Create a depiction of the project within the WBS.
    • One Level 1 is provided describing the complete project.
    • Three Level 2s are provided describing major deliverables.
    • Three Level 3s are provided describing supporting deliverables.
    • Two Level 4s are provided with the lowest manageable responsibility level.
  3. For each of the identified deliverables (identified in the four levels from item #2), create a project schedule containing all activities from levels 1-4. Each activity should contain a start and end date and a list of resources required to complete the project.
  4. Provide a minimum of three pieces of information that need to be communicated to stakeholders. For each of the three pieces – which creates an example of a project network – you should address who will be targeted; when they will receive the communication; what will be communicated; and how it will be communicated.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The library is your home for SWS assistance, including citations and formatting. Please refer to the Library site for all support. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Develop a project plan including the critical elements of project scope, priorities, work breakdown structure (WBS), communication plan, and a project network to ensure effective implementation.

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