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I could go on and on about how many similarities high school and college have, but I’d rather interest you in their differences. The three main differences between these two educations are homework, tests, and rules of attendance. I would personally prefer college over high school any day.

In high school, homework is pretty ridiculous. Teachers would assign homework every day and not only that, but they would check it every day as well. If it wasn’t perfect we would get points taken off and we would have to re-do the problems we got wrong. Teachers are also unreasonably lenient in high school too. For example, the “I left my paper at home, can I turn it in next class?” excuse is okay in high school. This is because they will and always will. Teachers know what college is like and want to give students the benefit of the doubt as much as they can before they get crushed in college. College as you would expect, is much harder than high school responsibility wise. In my math class, homework isn’t even assigned, let alone checked. It is my own responsibility to do it so that I will do well on tests and quizzes. Nobody is going to check on you to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Honestly, it almost seems that nobody cares either. Of course teachers care if you fail their class, but they only care if you tried extremely hard and worked really hard. Nine times out of ten, a student failed due to laziness and irresponsibility to get assignments into their teachers on time which is when a teacher won’t care. If you do happen to get a teacher who assigns homework and checks it, you better have it done by the due date. If you don’t, unless you are dying, no excuse is persuasive to a teacher in college. There really is no excuse for late work in college because it is preparing you for the job world.

Tests and quizzes in high school pretty much expect the teachers to give students study guides and so forth. If you miss a test or quiz in high school you can make it up in your resource time or whenever the teacher says so. If you are an idiot and decide to cheat on a high school level test you might get a warning, or you might even get a zero. In college the testing
strategy and rules along with it are different. The only course that usually requires a lot from personal experience would be math. Every other course basically only has a final exam at the end of the semester and possibly a few quizzes along the way. If you miss these final exams or quizzes they are automatically zeros and you just wasted a lot of money. Another difference in college is that some tests or quizzes are online whereas in high school everything takes place in the classroom. The last major difference between tests in high school and college is that if you get caught cheating in any way at the collegiate level you won’t get a zero, or a warning. You will get thrown out of the institution without a refund.

This last cool difference could be the deciding factor whether you pass or fail. In high school your teacher is required to take attendance of every student in class every day. If you are late to class you must get a pass and if you don’t show up at all it counts as an absence on your report card. Sometimes excuses work with some teachers but that usually isn’t the case. However, when you reach college you will find that some professors could care less if you come to class late or don’t come at all. You won’t be marked down as an absence or anything. This is because professors get paid regardless if you show up or not.

Ideally, as you would expect, college is much different than high school. I was always the kid who turned assignments in late and every time I got away with it. Sometimes I wouldn’t show up to class and made up a stupid excuse for it and nobody questioned me. Now I’m in college and things are very different for me. I used to hate having to do homework assignments every day and having to do them right knowing they would be checked for correction. I just never realized the importance of being forced to do them and how much it would help me learn the information. So when a professor tells me I don’t have to do homework and it won’t be checked I listened to him and now I don’t know how to do the chapter we are learning in math. Now that I’ve realized the importance of doing the homework instead of waiting to be asked to do it and checked I just do it so that I won’t suffer on the test or quiz due to my own ignorance. I’ll be okay in college as long as I remember what’s important to me which am getting a job when finally getting
my engineering degree. You always have to remember what’s important to you because if you don’t then you will fall behind in life and you don’t want to fall behind in anything you do. It’s pretty unnecessary and unneeded but either way you won’t be successful. High school and college are very different in a couple senses but they are different for a reason. If you don’t take advantage of these reasons then they will take advantage of you. Homework, test and attendance policies are the 3 main differences between high school and college. There is more homework, more tests and stricter attendance policy in high school.

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