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Please answer each question thoroughly. Research must be done where applicable

The minimum/maximum length of this paper is four pages. Restate each question and attach this paper after vour title page. Failure to do so will result in lower grade

Explain the impact of the recent hurricanes disasters to the import/export system

2.You have a manufacturer company that produces tennis shoes (XYZ Company).

You have decided that you will like to market vour product to Indonesia. Determine the ditterences in atttude values. and norms: relationshio with the Us, regarding business operations and how to alleviate any barriers that may exist in doing business with your

You are the CEO of a cough syrup company (666 Cough Syrup). Taking into consideration the legal and political system, the cultural barrers and the language barriers. how would vou market your cough syrup to China? Give specific details on marketing, promotion, distribution, and packaging.

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