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Speech Critique Assignment Guidelines



This speech critique assignment is an opportunity for you to evaluate a speech presented by another member of the class.  Effective public speaking requires the ability to critically analyze the discourse of others, and this critique should examine the wide range of skills utilized in the student’s speech.  You will be asked to evaluate your classmate’s speech against similar criteria that I do when evaluating student speeches.  I will assign you to evaluate one informative speech presented by another member of the class, and you will submit a completed Speech Grading Rubric as well as a 3-4 page analysis of the speech.


Your analysis and commentary should be constructive in tone, as you will share the critique with the student who presented the speech.  Criticism is fine, but it should be sensitive to the goal of helping a student to improve their speaking skills.  You should also emphasize positive aspects of the presentation.


Specific Guidelines:

• The critique should include a Speech Grading Rubric completed by rating each listed element of the speech with 1 to 5 points. You will use the exact rubric I do when evaluating speeches. This rubric is available on BlackBoard.

• The critique itself will also include a 3-4 page written evaluation of the speech drawn from the ratings that you provide on the scoring sheet.  This evaluation should explain in detail the reasoning behind your rating of key aspects of the presentation.

• In addition to whatever other evidence you use to support your claims in the paper, you must also make reference to the Fraleigh & Tuman textbook in the form paraphrases or direct quotations. The textbook is the only source required for this assignment, although you may include additional research if you wish. All paraphrases and quotations must be accompanied by an APA citation.

• The written critique should be typed and double-spaced, with size 12 font, and 1 inch margins. A properly formatted APA style References page must be included.


Your paper does not need to include a formal cover page or abstract. Only the in-text and reference page citations are required to be in proper APA style. Please provide your name, class time, and assignment title in the upper left-hand corner.



• The critique will be evaluated on the depth, breadth, and constructive tone of your analysis as well as General Education writing standards as framed on the “Grading Rubric for Papers” used in this course.

The critique will have no impact upon the grade I assign to the student’s speech about which you write the critique.



Due Date: The Speech Critique Paper is due on Tuesday, April 12th.  You must submit one hard copy to me on the 12h AND upload the paper onto BlackBoard by midnight.

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