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Language is one of the most important elements of culture. It gives us the ability to communicate. Communication allows us to exchange ideas, feelings, and facts. Communication means sharing information. Since the very beginning language has been one of man’s greatest inventions. Manhood has been able to pass its knowledge from generation to generation in early times thanks to communication. Myths, legends, and religion have survived this way for centuries. Thus communication is very important in our lives.

Communication plays a vital part in daily life. In daily life, communication is with us from the time we wake up until we go to bed. When the alarm clock rings, it means that it is time to get out of bed. As we drive to work, traffic lights tell us when to stop and when to go. In schools, books give us information. Newspapers tell us about the latest news in the world. TV and radio inform us about the weather.

However, communication has become more powerful with technology. Throughout history man has invented several ways to facilitate communication. The telephone is one of the most important inventions of all. People talking by telephone between the USA and Spain can hear each other as quickly as if they were in the same room. The telephone is part of our everyday lives. In case of emergency, the telephone is a quick means of calling the doctor, the police, or the fire department.

The entire practice of business would have to be reorganized if the telephone were to disappear. The telephone plays an important part in our family life and in our recreation. By means of the telephone we arrange to meet our friends. Now, with the invention of the cell phone, we are able to communicate with anybody at any time. Cell phones let us talk on the phone without being connected to a wire. This way we can walk and even drive while we are talking on the phone.

Likewise, the Internet is another important invention regarding communication. The Internet lets us chat with friends that might be in another hemisphere within seconds. Chat rooms have become so popular that we even chat with friends who are only 2 miles away from us. Chatting allow us
to meet new people from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, e-mails have completely changed the whole concept of sending a letter. Using the mail is old fashioned and used nearly only for billing. E-mail is a much easier and quicker option. It gives us the chance to write a letter only once when we want to send it to everyone, by writing a general e-mail. The e-mail system is widely used in companies. News and information is passed to the employees through e-mail.

To conclude, technology has transformed us into a small world where we can easily communicate with each other. Communication is a basic human activity, if it suddenly disappeared, our whole way of life would tear apart. Without modern means of communication, it would take months, or even years, to share information with people in far parts of the world who can now be reached in a few seconds.

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