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Throughout this course, you will be putting together a series of papers based on the units you are completing. Within the first two units you will need to research a company with a union and contact the HR manager, a union representative, or both to see if they would be willing to assist you with this project. You might need to email them and document their response. You may use the same company for all three unit assignments.


Next, you will choose a minimum of three of the following five issues. As you read these chapters, you will come up with eight to ten questions per unit assignment to ask the company. These questions should be approved by the professor prior to the interview. Once they are approved, you will contact the company representative(s) and interview them regarding the questions. You can do this in person, by phone, or if needed, by email. For each assignment, you will write a minimum two-page paper encompassing the results of your findings. The first paper will be due in Unit VI, the second paper will be due in Unit VII, and the last one will be due in Unit VIII.


Here are the topics to choose from:


 Unit IV: At the Bargaining Table


 Unit V: Grievances and Arbitration


 Unit VI: Wage Issues and Economic Supplements


 Unit VII: Institutional Issues


 Unit VIII: Administrative Issues

You are encouraged to submit your paper for each unit assignment as soon as possible in order to get the professor’s feedback. You can gain a better idea of the paper by working on it as soon as you finish studying each topic. If at any time you need assistance, please contact the professor for guidance

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