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CASE INTRODUCTION – Charlotte Greene, a registered nurse, is discharging a pediatric patient, Joey Slater, to home care under the supervision of his mother. The child returns to the hospital five weeks later with some concerning issues

Brief Summary of Case

SCENE 1: Joey Slater, an 8-year-old child who received blood transfusion for femur, is now ready for discharge. Stacey, a licensed practical nurse/licensed vocational nurse (LPN/LVN), offers to take care of discharge teaching about cast care, while Charlotte, an RN, calls home health care to arrange a home visit.

SCENE 2: Five weeks later, Joey is readmitted to the pediatric floor. On assessment by the RN, maggots were coming out of the cast, and perineal skin breakdown was noted. As Charlotte and the mother discuss the situation, it’s clear that there was a lack of education. The mother also states that home health nurses never contacted her. Later, Charlotte calls the agency and discovers that they tried repeatedly to contact the family without success.

SCENE 3: Charlotte tells Joey that the doctor says he can go home, but he seems worried and scared. Later, Charlotte calls social services to involve them in the patient’s care. Charlotte advocates for the patient by delaying his discharge and reporting subjective and objective findings to social services.


1. Read the case study above and then, answer the following questions for 
Scene 1:

a. What primary violation of the Code of Ethics in Nursing did you witness in this scene?

b. What evidence do you see for proper delegation, if any, by the RN in the video case?

· What improper delegation took place?

· What would you as the nurse have delegated in this scene?

2. Now, answer the following questions for 
Scene 2:

a. What evidence do we have of the potential for professional negligence and malpractice in the care delivery for this patient? 

b. Which of the nine Code of Ethics for Nursing provisions were upheld by the registered nurse in this scene?

3. Your paper should be:

. One (1) page

. Typed according to 

APA Writing StyleLinks to an external site.
 for margins, formatting and spacing standards.

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