Choose a business career that sounds interesting to you and imagine

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Choose a business career that sounds interesting to you and imagine that you are getting ready to apply for jobs in that field. Naturally, you want to create a compelling, audience-centered resume that answers the key questions a hiring manager is likely to ask. Identify three personal or professional qualities you have that would be important for someone in this career field.  Write a brief statement (one or two sentences) about each quality, describing in audience-focused terms how you can contribute to a company in this respect.

A good way to do this is by explaining how you can help the company. For example, here is a line from one of my old resumes – As an advertising executive, I am detail-oriented and deadline-driven, hence you can rest assured that all of the company’s projects will be submitted on time and in perfect condition under my management.

A hiring manager will always ask, “What’s in it for me?” so that is how you should frame your personal characteristics.

Tell me what the career is and then list your characteristics similar to how I have above.


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