Child Abortion Essay

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Pregnancy is the common we always see as a result of marriage and love. For some people, it is a good news to be pregnant, but it is also a very bad and unexpected thing. There are many reasons to says that it is appropriate to have a baby.There are many difficulties to have an abortion in the past; nowadays, couples can do that legally. As the abortion become a common thing, many people abuse and see it in an improper perspective, which results in loosening their aborting decisions.

Abortion comes in many forms because of different reasons causes it. The biggest reason which causes abortion is sex-selection. Sex-selection has been practiced in the past; but in the modern world, they reduced much but some are still doing it silently. A very clear example of how abortion is practicing nowadays is from the article of Artemisia Ng., when she mentioned a story refers to the abortion that happens in China.

In “Protecting women and girls in China, where one child per family is the rule – and a boy the preference”, Chai was a protester who was being wanted in China. Artemisia Ng. included Chai’s thought in the article: “Chai was referring to China’s one-child policy, in which officials force pregnant women to abort their babies. In place since 1979, the “one child” rule has prompted many Chinese to practice sex selection, using ultrasound screenings to determine whether the fetus is a boy or girl and then aborting females or abandoning them after birth to orphanages. More than 35,000 forced abortions were performed in China each day in 2009.”( Ng.)

This information is really shocking; just in China, that is an average of over ten millions of babies is being killed each year. Since the Chinese refer to male babies, the ratio between boy and girls will increase dramatically. The effect of this abortion affect the geography factors; but more importantly, it is breaking the society morals.

New technologies may be the cure to end abortion in developed countries. As in the essays by Rajani Bhatia, United States has discovered the new method to have a baby without a wife or husband. This is the solution to eliminate the issue which stated above, society morals. In “Constructing Gender from the Inside Out: Sex-Selection Practices in the United States”, Rajani Bhatia states factors that makes the sex-selection in United States become normal. According to the author, one of the factor is: “They are the emergence of a second generation of medicalized sex-selection technologies performed prior to pregnancy, the increasing publicity about these technologies in the popular media, and the formation of active Internet support groups for individuals who desire to preselect the sex of their children” (Bhatia).

The other factor that would result couples to have an abortion is the disease or disability of the future baby. Parents often decide not to have the baby if they get bad results from the analyzing of their baby’s health. Sometimes, in analyzing, if there are posibilities that the baby have disease or disability, the couples may also abort the baby instead of taking the risk. The immoral here is that if the baby is healthy, then they have killed one innocent life. Analyzing and screening the baby before giving birth has became a trend all over the world; that makes the possibilities of abortion quickly increase. This factor might be the reason for people to use to justify their abortion action, make it become less significant. But the truth is that it is still an abortion; every child deserve to live.

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