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Chapter Seven  

Directions: ISBN: 9780470401330

After reading the chapter and watching the powerpoint presentation complete the following:

Go to glassdoor business case for diversity found at 

and read the article on the Business Case for Diversity and answer the following two questions:

1. Provide three facts that support the business case for diversity. 

2. Why are these business case facts necessary when getting Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) support in organizations?

B. Utilizing the textbook, answer the following questions:

1. From the text explain the Inclusion Equation Macro Element #1, Values Driven culture by Dell and Microsoft. 

2. What are three of the nine tips provided on pages 212-214, that you could utilize to improve your D & I leadership skills? 

3. Inclusion Equation Macro Element #2 at the systemic level explains the following (a-d) mentoring, sponsorship, diversity councils and employee network groups. State how they would help break down the structure inequalities brought forth in chapter six as 

it relates to 

a. people with disabilities,

b. lgbtq population,

c. women in nontraditional jobs and 

d. people of color relegated to low skill level jobs

e. veterans 

C. Using the chapter seven powerpoint, answer the following questions:

1. Review slide 11 and look at the advertisement pictured, what does this Nikon example have to do with a “missed opportunity”

2. Slide 12 review and state how the people responded and what tool (mentoring, sponsorship, diversity councils and/or employee network groups) would have worked in this example to prevent this from occurring and state why?

3. Slide 14, Watch Youtube Google unconscious bias at work and tell me your “take away” what did you learn or get reinforced from the video clip?

4. Slide 17, Watch the video on confirmation bias found at: youtube what is confirmation bias and explain why confirmation bias keeps people from accepting difference

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