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Use attachments to analyze the document on pgs. 14-15. Answer questions 1-6  Submit your answers. You do not need to copy the question on your answer document. 


Complete the Document Analysis, pg. 36. Answer questions 1-3. Post your answers. 

You do not need to recreate the document to complete the assignment. 


Exercise 1: “It is late April, and you need a summer job. On your town’s  news website, you see an ad for a potential job. The only problem is  that the ad specifically mentions that the job is ‘a continuing,  full-time position.’ You know that you will be returning to college in  the fall. Is it ethical for you to apply for the job without mentioning  this fact? Why or why not? If you believe it is unethical to withhold  that information, is there any ethical way you can apply?” 



Watch this video as an introduction to what technical writing is and what kinds of documents technical writers create. (The video is a little old, but the information is still accurate.)

Post a response to the video listing something that surprised you or something you think is important to know for this course. For example, it might surprise you to learn that many “non-technical” jobs require technical writing like scripting a podcast or writing a grant. 

Video Link:

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