Chapter 2, research report 2.1

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 A test of the validity of Lewin’s three-step model

The Ford and Greer (2006) article is fairly recent, so you might not  be able to find anything more recent than this article. This is not  important. The point of the exercise is to find another article dealing  with efforts to validate Lewin’s work. If that is not possible, find  another article dealing with change that references Lewin and possibly  Ford and Greer (together or either of them in their past research; not  necessary to have both of them cited).

To that end it may be helpful to:

  1. Use the library databases to search on “Lewin” and “change model” to  find related articles. Unfortunately, our library does not have  full-text access to the Ford and Greer (2006) article cited in the text.  An alternate strategy would be to search for articles citing Ford and  Greer (2006) and see if we have access to those.
  2. Use Research report 2.1 to generate search terms. “Freezing”,  “unfreezing”, and “refreezing” are possible choices. The theory and  methods sections also have useful phrases that can be used for a  literature search.
  3. You do not want to merely summarize the article. You want to  indicate whether the article you found is consistent or inconsistent  with the Ford and Greer (2006) findings, and Lewin’s theory. Then you  want to discuss what these results, as a whole (both articles together),  mean to managers in terms of being able to plan and conduct a change  effort.

Due Date and Submission Requirements

Submit by 11:59 p.m. Sunday CT.

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