Chapter 14 scenario: preschool staff professional development

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To create a short presentation about ongoing professional development for staff and to evaluate your presentation. Assignment incomplete without the self reflection

You are the director of a center with  eight teachers, three assistants, and four volunteers. Although you hold  regular monthly staff meetings, your staff engages in little outside  professional development, and you would like to encourage them to take  more training opportunities. At your next staff meeting, you plan on  presenting a short training about the importance of ongoing professional  development that will motivate staff to continue their training and  introduce professional development plans so that you can begin them with  each staff member. Finally, you will close the presentation with a list  of ideas to review with the staff regarding on-site professional  development options that the center could implement.

Instructions and Rubric for Chapter Scenario: 100 Points Total

Focus Assignment: 

Create a seven-slide PowerPoint that reviews the importance of  ongoing professional development and to introduce what professional  development plans are. Include at least two slides reviewing options for  on-site professional development that staff could review and vote on.


1. For each item of your presentation, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario

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