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  1. Go to the following website:

  1. Identify the name and county/location of the Parent Center where you plan to work.
  2. Using the resources on the website, in bulleted format,  identify the following:
    • Five ways to help students, parents, and families with the IEP Process. (three sources) 
    • Three things parents should know about their parental rights. (three sources)
    • Three things to consider when working with students who are English Language Learners. (three sources)
    • Three things to consider to increase parental involvement. (three sources)
  • Your submission should be no longer than three pages.  
  • While you can use bulleted fashion, please be sure to use complete sentences that share a complete thought.  
  • You also must indicate the article/brief/webinar where you got the information and your sources must be at least 3 different sources per category.  
  • Therefore, you will have at least twelve different sources from the topics on the website. Do not keep repeating the same information.  
  • You should be able to walk away with TWELVE different strategies/awareness about working with the families of your students.

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