Cb week 5 discussion | Psychology homework help

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To prepare:

  • Review Chapter 21 of the text and the rest of the Learning Resources this week to deepen your understanding of sociopathy, psychopathy, mental illness, and mental disorders. Specifically, consider the Hare Psychopathy Checklist and the factors on Hare’s scale.
  • Review The Mask of Sanity and select two case studies from Section Two, Part I, on which to focus for this Discussion

 Post the following:

  • A description of the two case studies you selected from The Mask of Sanity
  • A comparison of the two cases, highlighting their similarities and differences
  • An explanation of which subject has the higher level of psychopathy based on the Hare’s scale
  • A numerical score for each subject based on the Hare’s scale and an explanation about your rating for each subject

Note: Your post should be substantial (1 paragraph or more for each bullet point above), supported with scholarly evidence from your research and/or the Learning Resources, and properly cited using APA style. 

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