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Read Chapters 3 and 4 of the Scandura (2022) text. Focusing on the Case Study 3.1  addressing the discussion questions at the end of the case study you choose. 

You will use the discussion questions (or an abbreviation of them) as the heading correctly formatted in center, bold, and title caps.

The textbook is a starting off point. To complete this assignment correctly and earn full points, you must cite an academic journal article that you locate in the UIU Library databases only. Open source sources (available without a login) will not be accepted.

Formatting for this Double spaced in proper APA Style.

  • First line indented or tabbed 0.5″ paragraphs with all other lines wrapping back to the left margin in proper APA Style.
  • Times New Roman or Arial (preferred) 12 pt font in proper APA Style.
  • Separate References page with citations correctly formatted

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