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Case Study #3 – “Reviewing: Employment Law”

Aligns to SLO 4

Note – The Case Study must contain and be based upon legal definitions and not personal opinions.  Stated facts or legal definitions without references will not count.  In this Case Study, you must reference the e-text chapter for each of your definitions or answers.  If you conduct research outside of the e-text, you must show those references at the bottom of the submission using a header – References.  Internet research must be either historically framed or created since 2020.  Any reference prior to 2020 must be explained regarding its connection to the legal premise.

Go to chapter 20, page 454 in our textbook.  Read the case at the end of the chapter titled: “Practice and Review: Employment Law” featuring Aimer Winery.  Then, answers questions 1-4 regarding the case.  Label your answers 1-4 respectively. No need to retype the questions, only provide your answers.  

Your responses should be in complete sentences (not just “yes” or “no”) and clearly explain the rationale for your answers. Reference the information provided in the chapter and textbook.  See Grading Rubric below.
If you use wording from the textbook or any source, use quotation marks and cite the source.  The majority of your paper should be in your original thoughts and wording.  See the “Academic Honesty” section in the syllabus for more information.  The instructor may review the assignments using Turnitin. Turnitin is an online tool available to instructors to check for plagiarism.  Thus, it is important that you understand the meaning of plagiarism and complete your assignments without plagiarizing someone else’s work.  Assignments that have been plagiarized will not receive credit.

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