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1-1 Career Advising Feedback

Context:  NLU’s Career Bridge advisors can provide you with critical support and feedback to ensure that you maximize your internship opportunity and leverage this experience into a next accelerating position, be it another internship, graduate school, or full-time employment. Your assigned career advisor will continue to support you even after graduation, and you are encouraged to see this person as a key member of your team of champions, who can help you think through your professional goals and next steps.

Part I:  Schedule and complete a 1-1 advising appointment with your assigned career advisor.

If you are unclear as to who your career advisor is, please reach out to your instructor for clarification.  Your career advisor meeting should take place by the due date on your syllabus.  Your appointment should be scheduled in EAB.  If you have any trouble scheduling your appointment, reach out to your career advisor via email or let your instructor know.  

 During this appointment with your advisor, you will:

  • Review the Midterm Evaluation feedback, provided by your internship supervisor
  • Discuss areas for continued improvement
  • Revisit your Career Action Plan (CAP) and determine your employment next steps
  • Confirm that portfolio materials are submitted to Handshake

Part II:  Reflect on the appointment, and answer the following questions in a 300-350 word reflection:

  • What feedback did you receive from your career advisor about your internship performance or your professional next steps?
  • What aspects of this feedback will you apply in your current internship or in future professional opportunities? 
  • How did this meeting challenge, confirm, or develop your thoughts about your career goals and next steps?

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