BUSN – A union is a formal association of workers

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Reply to the following two.
Minimum of 300 words each.
1 scholarly reference.
1. A union is a formal association of workers that promotes the interests of its members
through collective action (Mathis, p. 560, 2014). As the human resource manager I will
inform my supervisors that they are not legally allowed to join unions and that they are
legally allowed to not give out information to any employees but if they wish to do so they
can. Also, I would suggest that all higher ups in the company come together and put a
negative emphasis on unionization so that the employees know that we do not condone this
type of behavior. Evidence suggests that the negotiated wage for a unionized employee
group is an increasing function of the firm’s prior profitability. As a result, managers may
have an incentive to strategically signal a negative outlook to their unionized workers in order
to improve the firm’s bargaining position (Bova, p. 14, 2013). I would also suggest that each
supervisor would have a meeting with their employees and explain what is going on and why
they will unfortunately not be receiving that raise. I find that most employees are just
misinformed and once they have all the information they tend to calm down.
There are also some major rules that come along with unions and I have a meeting with all
my supervisors to explain to them what they can say and what they cannot. Here are some
things that every supervisor can do in a situation such as this one, (1) forbid distribution of
union literature during work hours in work areas, (2) explain unionization process to
employees accurately but they are not legally bound to do so, (3) show employees articles
where unions failed, (4) tell employees how wages compare to theirs in different companies,
(5) explain to the employees why the employer does not like unions, and (6) tell the
employees all the costs when it comes to having a legal union (Mathis, p. 579, 2014). There
are also things that supervisors cannot do such as, (1) Forbid solicitation during non-work
hours or on break times, (2) question employees in such a manner that is rude and encourages
them to dissolve the union, (3) fire, demote, transfer, or reduce hours because employee is a
part of a union, (4) threaten to close the workplace because of union, (5) promise to grant
promotions and pay raises if employee leaves union, (6) prohibit from wearing union hats,
buttons, t-shirts, and (7) spy on or video tape union meetings (NLRA, 2014).
In my opinion this all comes down to the employees failing to see that the world is changing,
if they would open up their eyes and become informed they would understand why the
company is doing what it is doing. But, the sad truth is that most people are selfish and only
care about themselves. It says in Matthew 13:16-17, But you have God-blessed eyes
eyes that see! And God-blessed ears, ears that hear! A lot of people, prophets and humble
believers among them, would have given anything to see what you are seeing, to hear what
you are hearing, but never had the chance.

2. The first step I would recommend would be for the company owner(s) and key
stakeholders to draft a memorandum for companywide distribution and deliver a
compassionate state of the company speech to affected employees. Stressing that tough
economic times and increasing competition are responsible for declining company revenue
and that the company values each employees contributions. I would also recommend
following up with some token service type gift combined with a small monetary cash award
that is low cost yet would be perceived as something of value and an appreciation of effort
and loyalty. I would also stress loyalty to the company and each other is what has made the
company successful, any actions to undermine that loyalty would be perceived poorly.
Simultaneously, I would ensure a complete review has been made determining if the
company has an established no solicitation (ns) policy. According to our text, a no
solicitation policy restricts employees and outsiders from distributing literature or soliciting
union membership on company premises.(Mathis, Jackson & Valentine, 2014, p.575) If a
policy is not established or has been in place but loosely observed, I would begin the
campaign against unionizing by insisting that managers implement a ns policy or begin
enforcing the previously established policy immediately.
The next step I would take to protect the company from unionization is to educate all
managers and supervisors that are exempt from voting or joining a union on the grounds of
the National Labor Relations Act on the standards of the legalities involved so that all parties
observe the letter of the law. (Mathis, et al., 2014, p.578). I would collect signed attendance
sheets for the training signifying that the company has sufficiently trained staff on the
regulations regarding restrictions in accordance with the NLRB and other requirements
regarding unionization efforts.
I would ensure that managers and supervisors understand that the company is against
unionization and outline illegal activities that will not be tolerated. I would also encourage
managers to be receptive to dialog and not engage in hostile conversations but take a stance
of gratitude for the job they have and that there are worse situations than one bad year in a
companys profits.
Next, I would bring in a smaller team from the legal department and my most trusted
managers and supervisors and establish a union busting team to engage the threat directly.
James 5:12 (CEB) says, Most important, my brothers and sisters, never make a solemn
pledgeneither by heaven nor earth, nor by anything else. Instead, speak with a simple
Yes or No, or else you may fall under judgment. I would tap into the grapevine, get the
pulse of the organization, and ensure that those that are adamant about going against the
company by taking a pro-union stance know that their pledge to a union is permanent. It will
establish a clear line between themselves and the company that could only be crossed by
elected union representatives who may have ulterior motives besides the best interest of
employees and the companys well-being. Along with the benefits of unionization, there are
drawbacks, which include loss of autonomy, union dues, a less collaborative work
environment as well as higher costs to the company. (Keller, n.d.)
Lastly, I would encourage managers to be knowledgeable about the history of unions and
how they have changed little since the 1930s. In the early years, they made a real difference
and brought about needed changes in society when workers were routinely exploited and
treated inhumanely, their usefulness has become questionable in the modern working
environment. (Shark, 2012) I would pose questions that would encourage thoughtful

consideration of the changes a union would bring, for instance, although they do offer certain
protections to workers would you value working at a company that only promotes people
based on seniority and not good work? How about employees that become lazy and begin
performing minimum work efforts? Would you pick up their slack and protect them from
dismissal? Should management have the option of rewarding good work and correcting
displeasing work ethics based on the merit of each individual and not under protection of the
perceived union protection umbrella?
The decision to unionize should not be treated lightly. For many American industries, the
burdens that unions have imposed have removed any hope they will ever have of competing
on a global scale. Some have even moved entire companies and production overseas to a
more favorable environment.

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