Business writing assignment 5: resume

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Business Writing Assignment 5: Résumé

For this assignment, you will prepare a résumé that targets a specific employer and position.

  1. Visit one or more job-search websites and find several listings for job openings related to your major or on-the-job experience that you would possibly pursue.
  2. Analyze the job listings and develop a list of potential keywords for positions of that type.
  3. Think about skills and experience you have acquired in connection with your classes, projects, organizations, volunteer work, and full-time or part-time jobs, and develop a list of those skills and experiences.
  4. Choose one job listing as the position you are going to “apply for” and create a résumé that you would submit for this opening.
  5. Be sure to include in your résumé keywords from the list you developed and the skills and experience you have acquired.

Study Figure 18.4 on page 534 in your textbook for a good example and discussion of a résumé that positions a job applicant for an ideal opportunity.

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